Gratitude from our participants & presenters:

Dear Jane, Raquel, Annie, Jessica & all of you who worked so solidly together to make the 2016 MCC such a wonderful success,

Thank you for welcoming us so warmly with your open hearts, brilliant minds, and graceful healing spirits!  We were humbled to bathe in the beautiful open circle of your mutual admiration and respect for each other, alongside the incredible richness of knowledge and experience amongst all the other presenters. Jane, your compassionate strength, wisdom, and leadership brought out the best in all of us, including all the deeply engaged attendees who left with uplifted hearts and inspired spirits. From the great feedback we’ve received already, this is quite a healing tsunami you’ve created, rippling out in boundless directions! We would be honored to join you again in your magical celebration of the infinite power of healing love.  Abundant health and vibrant joy to you all!

Your grateful herbal sisters from the south,
Rosebud and Dia    Emerald Heart Farms & Nomads Landing Farm

The 2016 Medicinal Cannabis Conference, Arcata, CA

leaf-med-2.150pxThe 2016 Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA will present growing details, clinical pearls and the current research on cannabis and CBD. Presenters are international, national and local experts that will utilize substantiated research and experience to advance your knowledge base on Cannabis to the next level. It is important that consumers, growers, and our medical providers can make more educated and effective decisions concerning the medicinal applications of cannabis.
Our presenters will be educating and enlightening us April 23-24, 2016:
Saturday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 4:20pm


Words from a 2015 Medicinal Cannabis Conference participant:
“This was truly an excellent conference! Overall organization and support was top-notch, and the weekend was infused with such a wholesome spirit. I came away feeling nourished and more knowledgeable, and grateful to have been able to attend. I look forward to this conference continuing to grow with the science, and with so many sincere, heartfelt people, as we all learn more together.”–Mark    READ MORE COMMENTS FROM 2015 PARTICIPANTS

leaf-12016 Presenters  include:
Donald Abrams, MD;   Michael Fratkin MD; Dustin Sulak, DO; Ethan Russo, MD; Anthony Smith, Ph.D; Paul Gallegos, Attorney; Martin Lee, Author; Mindy Bumgarner, M.S; Natalie Faris, MS ; Bryan Willkomm, Patient Advocate;  Tara Bluecloud, Herbalist; Dia Damon, Master Gardener and more!
2016 Topics include:

  • CBD: The Anxiolytic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Cancer Non-Euphoric Cannabinoid
  • Endocannabinoid Physiology
  • The Tao of Healing: Holistic Medicine & Cannabis Therapeutics
  • Solving the Cannabis Dosing Dilemma
  • Supporting Well-being for People Completing Life” & “Responsibilities of Medical Cannabis Collectives
  • Successful Organic Methods for Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis and Cancer Care
  • Growing Organic and Safe Medicine:  A Products Based Perspective
  • Analytical Analysis of Cannabis: How, When, Why?
  • Smoke Signals: A Cannabis History Primer — from prohibition to legalization
  • Cannabis Controversies and How to Solve Them
  • Growing Organic Healing Medicine
  • Current Legal Status of Cannabis
  • Herbal Preparations with Cannabis
  • and much more!

LOCATION OF MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONFERENCE:The Medicinal Cannabis Conference is being held again this year in Arcata, CA , a beautiful college, coastal town amidst the magnificent redwoods.Arcata Community Center
321 Community Park Way
Arcata, CA 95521    Map it!